Bertolotti has recently performed the commissioned for SNCF in Rennes Railway depot (FRANCE) a bogie drop system with scissor table and coach supports, working in two tracks. The project has been designed and developed by Bertolotti technicians, with technical supervision of SNCF technicians and this allowed us to provide a bogie drop system specifically dedicated to the needs of the final customer and the only one of its kind in France. Bertolotti has been commissioned to supply additional bogie drop system for a depot in Paris area. This machine is bigger than the previous one and will have two working tracks and the third to exit the bogie, covered by a bridge to guarantee to pass thought with the train. The new systems installed will enable SNCF operators to change wheel set, bogies and under case modules quickly and working safely due to an ergonomically designed platform able to fit correctly to each working height. For wheelset / bogie drop systems or similar projects contact directly