Automated Warehouse Marcegaglia

As part of the established relationship between the two companies, Marcegaglia SpA Bertolotti has commissioned the construction of a fully automated warehouse for the storage and handling of coils of sheet metal, at its plant in Ravenna. The warehouse, which is located upstream of the line of packaging made from the same Bertolotti in 2014, today is run in a totally manual: its automation represents a strategic investment for the customer, added as part of a larger project modernization of existing infrastructure. The warehouse is organized on three levels, will handle coils with diameters ranging between 900 and 2100 mm, and is a further project in the context of automated warehouses unattended. The project involves the revamping of two existing cranes coordinated by the new control system in order to manage the flow in and out of the rolls in a highly flexible manner. The delivery of the system is planned for the month of March 2016.