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Bogie / Wheelset drop sistems

Bogie drop sistems can be of different types

  • with big pit or undefloor tunnel and machine with scissor lifting device or screw lifting system
  • medium pit and machine with screw lifting system
  • no pit and machine with screw lifting system

Depending on the train are necessary N 2 supports for the coach. The movable frame for the “no pit” type is a steel frame with N 4 lifting points and N 4 steel wheels that can be laterally removed. The length of the frame, allows the operator to remove the modules (ie static converter, compressor, chopper, power pack)., fixed under the coach of the train, only using a special interface. Bertolotti Patent for Bogie drop plant does not need particular civil works. It can be installed in every depot only cutting the rail in the position where the plant has to be installed using N 4 small holes for the columns. The wheel set / module drop plant matches very well with depots with rails on columns and is the lower part of Bertolotti Bogie drop Plant.